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Biela's comet

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  • Biela's comet — Bie la s com et (Astron.) A periodic coment, discovered by Biela in 1826, which revolves around the sun in 6.6 years. The November meteors (Andromedes or Bielids) move in its orbit, and may be fragments of the comet. [Webster 1913 Suppl.] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Biela's Comet — 3D/Biela Biela s Comet in February 1846, soon after it split into two pieces. Discovery Discovered by: Wilhelm von Biela Discovery date: February 27, 1826 Alternate designations: 1772; 1806 I; 1832 III; 1846 II; 1852 III; 1826 D1 …   Wikipedia

  • Biela's Comet — ▪ astronomy       short period comet discovered (1826) by and named for the Austrian astronomer Wilhelm, Baron von Biela (Biela, Wilhelm, Freiherr von) (1782–1856). It was identified by Biela as a periodic comet that returned every 6.6 years.… …   Universalium

  • BIELA'S COMET —    a comet discovered by Biela, an Austrian officer, in 1826; appears, sometimes unobserved, every six years …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • Biela — may refer to:*Biela River, a river in eastern Germany. *Wilhelm Freiherr von Biela, an Austrian military officer and amateur astronomer. *3D/Biela, a comet discovered by Wilhelm Freiherr von Biela. *Frank Biela, a German auto race driver. *Biela… …   Wikipedia

  • Comet — This article is about the astronomical object. For other uses, see Comet (disambiguation). Comet Hale– …   Wikipedia

  • Comet vintages — The Great Comet of 1811, as drawn by William Henry Smyth Comet vintages are years during which an astronomical event, involving generally a Great Comet , occurs prior to harvest. Throughout the history of wine, winemakers have attributed… …   Wikipedia

  • Comet Encke — 2P/Encke Discovery Discovered by: Pierre Méchain Discovery date: 1786 Alternate designations: 1786 I; 1795; 1805; 1819 I; 1822 II; 1825 III; 1829; 1832 I; 1835 II; 1838; 1842 I; 1845 IV …   Wikipedia

  • Biela, Wilhelm, Freiherr von — ▪ Austrian astronomer born March 19, 1782, Rossla, Stolberg am Harz, Saxony died Feb. 18, 1856, Venice       Austrian astronomer who is noted for his discovery (1826) that a certain comet, now called Biela s Comet, reappeared at intervals of 6.7… …   Universalium

  • Comet Holmes — 17P/Holmes Comet Holmes on November 4, 2007, showing the blue ion tail on the right, taken from Hungary Discovery Discovery date: November 6, 1892 Alternate designations: 1892 V1; 1892 III; 1892f; 1899 L1; 1899 II; 1899d; …   Wikipedia

  • Biela , Wilhelm von — (1784–1856) Austrian astronomer Born in Rossia, Austria, Biela was an army officer and an amateur astronomer. In 1826 he observed a comet with a short period of 6.6 years. When Biela s comet reappeared in 1845 it had split into two parts. It was… …   Scientists

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