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Bags (Tubular Cloths)

  • 1 Bags (Tubular Cloths)

    Pockets, pillow cases (see Pillow Cloth). Are all types of double cloths, usually woven with tappets, similar to Smalley's, or on a dobby loom. A special loom is now made for these fabrics. If one bag only is woven in the width, 4 healds are required; if several in the width, then 2 extra or 4 extra shafts would be needed to weave the plain between the bags. The warp requires special controlling, as greater tension is necessary when the bottom of the bag is being woven. A standard bag cloth is woven 96 X 96, 14's/14's, all American yams. This "gives 48 ends and picks in each fold. The bottom of the bag being woven by a special motion. Widths are 14-in. to about 24-in. A pillow case cloth is made 108-ends, 4 in a dent, 120 picks, 24's warp, 16's weft. Ends and picks are total of both folds.

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