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BEM approach

  • 1 BEM approach

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  • 2 BEM approach

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  • 4 approach

    1. приближение; сближение; подход < к цели>
    3. метод; подход; принцип <напр. решения задачи>;
    см. тж. method,
    4. <проф.> диспетчерский пункт подхода, ДПП
    4-D approach
    BEM approach
    CAD approach
    carrier approach
    carrier-landing approach
    category II approach
    centerline approach
    computer-aided design approach
    curved approach
    damage tolerance approach
    deck approach
    energy sustainability approach
    engineering approach
    Eulerian approach
    final approach
    flameout approach
    flapless approach
    flaps down approach
    flaps-extended approach
    flat approach
    flight-by-flight approach
    four-dimensional approach
    fuel-minimized approach
    glideslope approach
    harmonic approach
    head-on approach
    high-altitude approach
    high-angle-of-attack approach
    high-AOA approach
    ILS approach
    instrument approach
    instrument flight rules approach
    instrument landing approach
    instrument landing system approach
    intermediate approach
    landing approach
    localizer approach
    low-altitude approach
    low-speed approach
    low-stress approach
    low-visibility approach
    Mach disc approach
    manual approach
    medium-altitude approach
    missed approach
    MLS approach
    modelling approach
    monitored approach
    multicriterion approach
    multiblock approach
    multibody approach
    multisegment approach
    night approach
    non-ILS approach
    nose-high approach
    nose-pointing approach
    offset approach
    once-only approach
    packaging approach
    pilot approach
    poor approach
    power approach
    powered-lift approach
    precision approach
    rejected approach
    runway approach
    sensitivity-based approach
    sideslipped approach
    simulated approach
    simultaneous-failure-mode approach
    single-engined approach
    spectral approach
    spiral approach
    spiraling approach
    steep approach
    steep-gradient approach
    STOL approach
    straight-in approach
    stress-and-strain approach
    systems approach
    Tacan approach
    torque-monitored approach
    variable structure approach
    VFR approach
    visual approach
    wake-integral approach
    weather radar approach

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