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Administration of Estates Act 1925

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  • Administration of Estates Act 1925 — The Administration of Estates Act 1925 is a law in the United Kingdom which changed the rule of inheritance from primogeniture to that of modern day norms. The act was passed in 1925.In Sigsworth, Re, Bedford v Bedford (1935), it was interpreted… …   Wikipedia

  • Administration of an estate on death — In English law, Administration of an estate on death arises if the deceased is legally intestate. In United States law, the term Estate Administration is used.Where a person dies leaving a will appointing an executor, and that executor validly… …   Wikipedia

  • Wills Act 1837 — Infobox UK Legislation short title=Wills Act 1837 parliament=Parliament of the United Kingdom long title=An Act for the Amendment of the Laws with respect to Wills. statute book chapter=1 Vict. c.26 introduced by=Attorney General Sir John… …   Wikipedia

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  • Duchy of Lancaster — The arms of the Duchy of Lancaster The Duchy of Lancaster is one of the two royal duchies in England, the other being the Duchy of Cornwall. It is held in trust for the Sovereign,[1] and is used to provide income for the use of the British… …   Wikipedia

  • Magna Carta — This article is about the English charter originally issued on 15 June 1215, and later modified. For other uses, see Magna Carta (disambiguation). Great Charter redirects here. For the Irish law, see Great Charter of Ireland. Magna Carta …   Wikipedia

  • hotchpot — hotch·pot / häch ˌpät/ n [Anglo French hochepot, from Old French, thick soup or stew, from hochier to shake + pot pot] 1: the combining of properties into a common lot to ensure equality of division among those entitled to a share of an estate… …   Law dictionary

  • representation — rep·re·sen·ta·tion n 1: one that represents: as a: a statement or account made to influence opinion or action compare warranty 3 b: an incidental or collateral statement of fact on the faith of which a contract is entered into the contract of… …   Law dictionary

  • De bonis non administratis — De bonis non administratis, Latin for of goods not administered, is a legal term for assets remaining in an estate after the death or removal of the estate administrator. The second administrator is called the administrator de bonis non and… …   Wikipedia

  • personal representative — n: one recognized as the representative of another party or his or her interests; specif: an executor or administrator who may bring or be subject to an action or proceeding for or against a deceased person and his or her estate when a person who …   Law dictionary

  • intestacy rules — England, Wales The statutory rules (set out in the Administration of Estates Act 1925 and the Intestates Estates Act 1952) which govern the distribution of a person s estate where they have not left a (valid) will (or where the will they did… …   Law dictionary

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