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Adjusted Premium

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  • Adjusted Premium — An adjusted premium is the premium of a life insurance policy that is adjusted by amortizing the costs associated with acquiring the insurance policy. The adjusted premium is equal to the net level premium plus an adjustment, to reflect the cost… …   Investment dictionary

  • Adjusted Premium Method — A calculation method used arrive at a life insurance policy s cash surrender value (CSV). There are three steps in the Adjusted Premium Method. 1. Calculate the first year expense allowance 2. Arrive at the Adjusted Premium 3. Substitute the… …   Investment dictionary

  • Qualified Mortgage Insurance Premium — Premium paid by homeowners on mortgage insurance for FHA loans that can be deducted in the same manner as home mortgage interest. Qualified mortgage insurance premiums can be deducted in addition to allowable mortgage interest for up to three… …   Investment dictionary

  • Option-adjusted spread — (OAS) is the flat spread which has to be added to the treasury yield curve in a pricing model (that accounts for embedded options) to discount a security payment to match its market price. OAS is hence model dependent. This concept can be applied …   Wikipedia

  • Option adjusted spread — (OAS) is the flat spread over the treasury yield curve required to discount a security payment to match its market price. This concept can be applied to mortgage backed security (MBS), Options, Bonds and any other interest rate… …   Wikipedia

  • Value premium — In investing, value premium refers to the greater risk adjusted return of value stocks over growth stocks. Eugene Fama and K. G. French first identified the premium in 1992, using a measure they called HML (high book to market ratio minus low… …   Wikipedia

  • Country Risk Premium - CRP — The additional risk associated with investing in an international company rather than the domestic market. Macroeconomic factors such as political instability, volatile exchange rates and economic turmoil causes investors to be wary of overseas… …   Investment dictionary

  • risk-adjusted discount rate — The rate established by adding a expected risk premium to the risk free rate in order to determine the present value of a risky investment. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary …   Financial and business terms

  • reverse premium — A cash payment made to a lessee as an encouragement to enter into a lease agreement. Under Urgent Issues Task Force, Abstract 12, such payments received by a lessee should be spread on a straight line basis over the lease term or, if shorter than …   Accounting dictionary

  • Risk equalization — is a way of equalizing the risk profiles of insurance members in order to reduce premium differences to some predetermined extent.In competitive markets for individual health insurance, risk rated premiums are observed to differ across subgroups… …   Wikipedia

  • Business and Industry Review — ▪ 1999 Introduction Overview        Annual Average Rates of Growth of Manufacturing Output, 1980 97, Table Pattern of Output, 1994 97, Table Index Numbers of Production, Employment, and Productivity in Manufacturing Industries, Table (For Annual… …   Universalium