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(the) beauty of line in an artist's work

  • 1 (the) beauty of line in an artist's work

    the beauty (the pirity, the boldness) of line in an artist's work красота (разнообразие, смелость) линий в работах художника

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > (the) beauty of line in an artist's work

  • 2 line

    1) строка, строчка, линейка

    The pen moved on down to the next line. — Перо двигалось дальше к следующей строчке.

    There isn't a dull line in the whole play. — Во всей пьесе нет ни одной скучной строки.

    The article (the paragraph) was cut down to two or three lines. — Статья была сокращена (параграф был сокращен) до двух-трех строчек.

    - top line
    - few lines
    - witty lines
    - line ten
    - line frequency
    - line test
    - line spectrum
    - second line from the top
    - line three from the top of the page
    - line of print
    - line of a poem
    - line of symbols
    - page of twenty five lines
    - above the line
    - crowd many facts into a few lines
    - drop smb a few lines
    - expect a line from him
    - jump a line
    - jump from one line to another
    - keep in line
    - miss out a line
    - read between the lines
    - read every line
    - run out a line into the margin
    - set these lines in a smaller type
    2) линия, черта, очертание, стиль

    The two lines meet/join here. — Две линии здесь сходятся.

    The old woman's face was covered with lines. — Лицо старушки было в морщинах.

    She was fined for parking on a single yellow line. — Ее оштрафовали за то, что она оставила машину на желтой полосе.

    The building has strong, noble lines. — Здание выдержано в строгом, благородном стиле/в строгих, благородных линиях.

    - contour line
    - straight line
    - broken line
    - horisontal line
    - curving lines
    - dividing line
    - divergent lines
    - white line
    - double yellow line
    - soft lines
    - pencil line
    - forward line
    - finish line
    - foul line
    - side line
    - sharpened lines
    - base line
    - state line
    - city line
    - fight lines
    - assemble line
    - pipe lines
    - sewage lines
    - plumb line
    - clogged fuel line
    - straight lines of her dress
    - hard savaged lines of his mouth
    - line of sight
    - lines of the hand
    - line of life
    - lines in a rock
    - lines in the face
    - lines of premature age
    - remote line of the sea
    - line of the mountains
    - blue line of the horizon
    - hand covered with fine dry lines
    - beauty of line in an artist's work
    - on goal line
    - be the first over the line
    - draw a line from A to B
    - draw two lines along the margin
    - draw a line with a ruler
    - make a line
    - mark with lines
    - run a line on the map
    3) ряд, очередь, цепь, строй, шеренга

    There were two lines at the box office. — В кассу за билетами было две очереди.

    The children were all in line. — Дети выстроились в ряд.

    He got first in line. — Он оказался первым в очереди.

    There was a long line of cars ahead of us. — Перед нами была вереница машин.

    The lines of the enemy gave way. — Ряды противника дрогнули.

    - piket line
    - two lines abreast
    - line troops
    - line battalion
    - line training
    - line of trees
    - line of policemen
    - line of mountains
    - line of workers on strike
    - prestigeous line of authors
    - lines of infantry
    - line between these countries
    - line of demarkation
    - line of defence
    - line of march of an army
    - line of advance
    - line of retreat
    - line of aim
    - line of fire
    - line of battle
    - line of departure
    - line of contact
    - officers of the line
    - ships of the line
    - in the line of duty
    - at the beginning of the line
    - arrange smth in a line
    - be the first in the line
    - drop out of line
    - go into line
    - be in the front line
    - be next in line for promotion
    - be in line for action
    - break up a picket line
    - form into a line
    - go up the line
    - lay smth out in a line
    - march in line
    - plant trees in a line
    - see whether the wheels are in line
    - stand in line for smth
    - stand in one line
    - step out of line
    - suffer defeat all along the line
    - have seven men in the line
    4) линия родства, родословная

    He is the last of the royal line. — Он последний представитель королевского рода.

    He decend in an unbroken line from Bruce. — Он прямой потомок Брюса.

    - male line
    - decendent in a direct line
    - come of a good line
    - inheritance will go on the female line

    He is on the line now. — Он сейчас говорит по телефону. /Он сейчас на линии.

    They took the wrong line on the underground. — Они сели не на ту линию метро.

    The tickets are sold at all points on the line. — Билеты продаются на всех пунктах линии.

    There was silence on the other end of the line. Then her voice came back on the line. — На том конце телефон замолчал, затем на линии опять зазвучал ее голос.

    - telephone line
    - main line
    - local line
    - single line
    - communication lines
    - air line
    - branch line
    - commuter line
    - municipal bus line
    - outside line
    - long-distance line
    - fallen power line
    - line communication
    - line maintenance
    - supply lines to enemy formations
    - line of force
    - last stop on the local bus line
    - all along the line
    - somewhere along the line
    - be on a party line
    - do repairs to the lines
    - fall from the platform onto the lines
    - instal telephone lines in the neighbourhood
    - open a new steamship line
    - run a line of mail boats
    - tie up the bus lines
    - line is engaged
    - line has gone dead
    6) верёвка, канат, провод, леса (удочки)

    Is your line strong enough to hol (to land) a ten-pound fish? — Ваше леска достаточно крепка, чтобы выдержать (вытянуть) пятикилограммовую рыбу?

    - thin line
    - clothes line
    - wire lines
    - harpoon lines
    - fish line
    - end of the line
    - hang the laundry on the line
    - tie in a slack line
    - tie a fish line to a fishing-rod
    - line broke
    7) текст роли, слова роли

    The books are written along the same line. — Эти книги одного плана. /Эти книги написаны в одном и том же стиле.

    You have dealt with the subject on the right lines, but your essay is lacking in detail. — Вы правильно подошли к вопросу, но в вашем очерке не хватает подробностей.

    In spite of these gaps the broad line of the story remains clear. — Несмотря на эти пропуски, основной сюжет рассказа остается ясным.

    - actor's lines
    - main line of the story
    - just a few lines to tell you we are here
    - go over one's lines
    - learn one's lines
    8) тенденция, принцип, направление, курс, область деятельности

    He managed to keep the whole party in line. — Ему удалось поддерживать единство всей группы.

    You need very strict directions to keep you in line. — Вам нужны очень точные указания, чтобы не сбиться с пути.

    It all happened along the line. — Это все произошло на пути/во время пути.

    - policy line
    - old propoganda line
    - party line
    - main line of the plan
    - main line of the situation
    - something along those lines
    - rice pudding or something in that line
    - men in the same line
    - pay on the line
    - on commercial line
    - agree with smb's statement down the line
    - be on a line with smth
    - be successful all along the line
    - be in the grocery line
    - be in line with the statement
    - be on line
    - come on line
    - be in line
    - bring the theory in line with the facts
    - change the line of conduct
    - come into line with the majority
    - do smth on scientific lines
    - govern on conservative lines
    - increase people's incomes in line with rising prices
    - keep in line with the rules
    - keep in line with the terms of the agreement
    - keep smth on top line
    - live below the poverty line
    - pass instruction down the line
    - reach the end of the line
    - get to the end of the line
    - set up a commitee on the following
    - take a strong line over smth
    - follow a strong line over smth
    - throw a good line
    - one's job is on the line
    - paying on the line is cheaper than on credit
    - try to bring the whole commitee into line
    - population is split along religious lines
    - conversation ran along familiar lines
    - target was in line with the sun
    for line 1.; See chapter, n

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > line

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