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(an) event of local interest

  • 1 (an) event of local interest

    событие местного значения/событие, вызывающее интерес только здесь

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > (an) event of local interest

  • 2 interest

    I ['ɪntrəst] n
    1) интерес, интересы, благо, польза, заинтересованность, выгода, преимущество

    He found a fresh interest. — У него новое увлечение.

    His main/great interest is football (music, painting, stamp-collecting). — Больше всего он увлекается футболом (музыкой, живописью, филателией).

    Gardening is one of her many interests. — Садоводство одно из ее многочисленных занятий.

    Is there anything of interest in the newspaper? — В газете есть что-нибудь интересное/заслуживающее?

    The names are arranged in alphabetical order in the interests of ready reference. — Названия расположены в алфавитном порядке для удобства пользования.

    It is to his interest to do so. — Ему выгодно так поступить/это в его интересах.

    You'll find it to your interest to consult him. — Вам будет полезно с ним посоветоваться.

    He takes no more than a passing interest in such things. — Он не очень интересуется такими вещами.

    - great interest
    - public interests
    - human interests
    - material interests
    - unflagging interest
    - passing interest
    - interest in smb's affairs
    - material interests of the country
    - legitimate interests of works
    - smb's chief interest in life
    - smb's best interests
    - matter of local interest
    - centre of world interest
    - lack of interest
    - general level of interest
    - conflict of interests
    - man of many interests
    - object of intense interest
    - matter of vital interest
    - topic of historical interest
    - names of commanding interest
    - event of local interest
    - agreement in their mutual interest
    - just for interest
    - in the interests of safety
    - in the interests of national security
    - in the interest of your children
    - another fact of interest
    - do smth with great interest
    - do smth without interest
    - be in smb's interests
    - be against smb's interests
    - be of interest
    - have no interest in smb, smth
    - arouse interest in smth
    - do smth from interest
    - arouse common interest
    - quicken public interest
    - acquire special interest
    - have many-sided interests
    - act for one's personal interests
    - sacrifice the national interests to those of the world
    - have no interests outside one's business
    - lose interest in smth
    - blunt interest in smth
    - promote interest in the scheme
    - take much interest in smth
    - serve the interests of peace
    - safeguard the interests of civilization
    - have a personal interest in the mattes
    - protect smb's interests
    - have smb's real interests at heart
    - look after one's own interest
    - give up sacrifice one's interests
    - have in view one's own interests
    - add interest to a story
    - interfere with smb's interests
    2) круги (люди, объединённые общими интересами и родом деятельности)
    - landed interests
    - vested interests
    - outside interests
    - influential British interests
    - shipping interests
    - iron interests
    - publishing interest
    - banking interest
    3) процент, прибыль, доход

    The interest on the loan was 5 percent a year. — За ссуду брали 5 процентов годовых.

    Interest is paid on money that is invested. — С вложенного капитала платят проценты.

    It promoted the advancement of their national interests. — Это способствовало развитию национального благосостояния

    - annual interest
    - current interest
    - average interest
    - high interest
    - interest in profit
    - interest on the capital
    - interest on a loan
    - high rate of interest
    - lend money on high interest
    - have an interest in a business
    - buy a half interest in that firm
    - lend money at an interest of 3% - borrow money at an interest of 3% - lend money on interest
    - lose interest on your money
    - pay interest on a loan
    - live on interest from the capital
    - pay a loan without interest
    - repay smb with interest
    II ['ɪntrɪst] v
    1) интересовать, заинтересовать

    That doesn't interest me. — Меня это не интересует.

    The offer interested him. — Это предложение его заинтересовало.

    2) интересоваться, заинтересоваться

    We don't know what he is interested in. — Мы не знаем, чем он интересуется.

    She is not interested in where I live. — Ее не интересует, где я живу

    - be interested in smb, smth

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > interest

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