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(a) certain path to riches and honour

  • 1 (a) certain path to riches and honour

    верный путь к богатству и почестям/почёту

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > (a) certain path to riches and honour

  • 2 path

    1) тропинка, тропа, дорожка

    No progress was possible except along the path cut for that purpose. — Продвигаться можно было только по тропе, специально прорубленной для этой цели.

    A multiplicity of interesting paths crossed the monotous. — Множество интересных тропинок пересекало эту однообразную местность.

    - narrow path
    - shady path
    - long grassy paths
    - garden path
    - bridle path
    - raised board paths
    - converging paths
    - path ridding
    - path along smth
    - path through a wood
    - path through a pine forest
    - path through a garden
    - path beside the canal
    - path along the lake
    - path in the snow
    - path across the field
    - path for passengers on foot
    - path to the town
    - path to his front door
    - garden path of flagstones
    - end of the path
    - clear a path for smb
    - bar the path
    - beat a path
    - make a path
    - cover the path with sand
    - cross smb's path
    - drive dry leaves along the paths
    - follow the path to the river
    - follow up a zigzag path
    - go in smb's path
    - go by another path
    - grow along the path
    - hit the right path
    - keep the middle of the path
    - keep to the path
    - stray from the narrow path
    - stretch a cord across the path
    - sweep the path of snow
    - turn on to the path
    - strike upon an unknown path
    - turn off the path
    - path going to the lighthouse
    - path running alongside the lake
    - path stopped
    - path twists and turns
    - path that goes down the mountain
    - path goes somewhere
    - path runs alongside the lake
    - path leads to the river
    2) путь (вообще), маршрут

    The perils beset his path. — Его путь был полон опасностей. /Опасности подстерегали его в пути.

    - easier path
    - touring path
    - caravan's path
    - path of storms
    - broad path of success
    - path of civilization
    - path of glory
    - path to success
    - certain path to riches and honour
    - enter on the path
    - put obstacles in smb's path
    - throw obstructions in smb's path
    - stand in smb's path
    - strike out a path of one's own
    - sweep all obstacles from one's path

    The path of an arrow is a curve. — Стрела в полете описывает дугу.

    - path of a comet
    - path of a bird in the air
    - flight path of a spacecraft
    - Moon's path round the Earth
    - far beyond the path of the Moon
    4) стезя, жизненный путь

    A difficult path he must follow. — Трудный путь, который ему предстоит пройти.

    - beaten path
    - path of life
    - rough and rugged paths of life

    I criticized the path the government was taking. — Я подверг критике курс правительства

    - path of righteousness
    - follow the path of duty
    - err from the path of duty
    - guide people along the paths of progress
    - make the path easy for smb
    - take the path of least resistance
    - prices are on the downward path

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > path

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