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(a) book with bound boards

  • 1 (a) book with bound boards

    a book with bound (with cloth) boards книга в твёрдом/в жёстком (в матерчатом) переплёте

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > (a) book with bound boards

  • 2 board

    I [bɔːd] n
    1) доска, дощечка

    These boards do not meet. — Эти доски плохо подогнаны.

    I want to play chess but I can't find the chessboard. — Я хочу поиграть в шахматы, но не могу найти шахматную доску.

    Our party swept the board in the elections. — На выборах наша партия одержала победу.

    to sweep the board — одержать победу/победить

    - thin board
    - wide board
    - sturdy board
    - bare boards
    - uncarpeted boards
    - creaking boards
    - knotless board
    - control board
    - switch board
    - chip board
    - lap board
    - board fence
    - board floors
    - boards three inches wide
    - board walk
    - board on board
    - book in paper boards
    - bed of boards
    - pieces of board
    - case with boards
    - frame with boards
    - book with bound boards
    - join two boards
    - saw a board
    - adjust the boards
    - measure a board
    - nail a bard down
    - sweep the board
    - fasten two boards with a string
    - fasten two boards with nails
    - drive a nail into a board
    - cover with boards
    - enclose smth in boards
    - board creaks
    - made of boards
    2) борт (корабля, самолёта)

    There were several movie stars travelling on board the ship. — Этим пароходом ехали несколько кинозвезд.

    It was all above board. — Все было открыто и честно.

    During the storm some of the equipment on deck fell by the board. — Во время шторма часть оборудования смыло с палубы за борт.

    Our hopes went by the board. — Наши надежды рухнули.

    - on board a ship
    - with passengers on board
    - above board
    - under board
    - across the board
    - over board
    - go on board
    - get on board
    - fall over board
    - fall on board of another ship
    - pass by the board
    - serve on board a warship
    - go by the board
    - wage increase across the board
    3) (обыкновенно pl) подмостки, театральная сцена

    Our greatest actors appeared on the boards of this theatre. — Наши лучшие актеры выступали на этой сцене.

    The play will go on the boards next week. — Пьеса пойдет на сцене на будущей неделе.

    The play is on the boards of all the theatres of the town. — Эта пьеса идет во всех театрах города.

    - boards of this theatre
    - be on the boards
    - go on the boards
    (1.) Существительное board в предложных сочетаниях, функционирующих как наречия, употребляется без артикля: on board, over board, above board, under board. В сочетаниях с предлогами by и across существительное board не теряет своей именной функции, означает палубу корабля и употребляются с определенным артиклем: by the board, across the board. (2.) Существительное board 3. имеет форму только множественного числа и употребляется с определенным артиклем: an the boards, to walk the boards
    II [bɔːd]
    правление, министерство, комитет, комиссия, совет, коллегия (и любая организация, управление которой связано с заседаниями, группа людей, участвующая в таких заседаниях и т. п.)

    The board decided against your request. — Правление отклонило вашу просьбу.

    He was turned down at the board meeting. — Его кандидатура не прошла на заседании правления.

    The school is managed by a board of eight directors. — Школой руководят/управляют восемь директоров.

    - executive board
    - editorial board
    - school board
    - government board
    - joint board
    - trial board
    - appraisal board
    - arbitration board
    - Selection Board
    - seven-men board
    - message board
    - adjustmenr Board
    - board meeting
    - board supports
    - board of examiners
    - Board of Trade
    - Board of Health
    - Board of Education
    - board of trustees
    - board of control
    - board of enquiry
    - be on a board
    - belong to a board
    - set up a board of directions
    - be on the examining board
    - establish a board
    - bring the Board to accept the offer
    - admit to the board
    - account to the board
    - refer to the board for assistance
    - put the matter to the board
    - put up one's ideas to the board
    - lay the information to the board
    - Board is sitting
    (1.) Если board входит в название органа управления, то все входящие в название существительные пишутся с заглавной буквы. (2.) See family, n
    III [bɔːd]
    пища, питание, пансион
    - free board
    - board and lodging
    - at a festive board
    - pay for one's board and lodging
    - let rooms with full board
    - give smb board and lodging

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > board

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