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(a) blow like thunder

  • 1 (a) blow like thunder

    удар, подобный раскату грома

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > (a) blow like thunder

  • 2 blow

    I [bləʊ] n

    The boy screamed at every blow. — Каждый удар сопровождался новым воплем мальчика.

    Every blow tells. — Ни один удар даром не проходит.

    He knocked them both with a single blow. — Одним ударом он сбил их обоих с ног.

    His death is a national blow. — Его смерть утрата/горе для всей страны.

    The falling tree damaged two houses at one blow. — Падающее дерево разбило сразу два дома.

    The war struck a bad blow at the country. — Война нанесла большой урон стране.

    She held up her hand to ward off his blow. — Она подняла руку, чтобы отвести его удар.

    The first blow is half the battle. — Почин всего дороже. /Лиха беда начало. /Хорошее начало полдела откачало

    - heavy blow
    - random blows
    - illegal blow
    - sudden blow
    - retaliating blow
    - vicious blow
    - repeated blows
    - knockout blow
    - crushing blow
    - fortune's blow
    - body blow
    - another blow followed
    - blow still more bitter followed
    - blow like thunder
    - powerful blow in the face
    - telling blow in the enemy
    - blow to smb
    - blow between the eyes
    - blow on the head
    - blow from a hammer
    - blow of thunder
    - blow on the back
    - blow with the fist
    - telling blow at the enemy
    - with one blow
    - without striking a blow
    - deal a mortal blow
    - cushion a blow
    - deflect blow
    - deal a blow
    - dodge a blow
    - give smb a strong blow
    - strike the first blow
    - receive a severe blow
    - aim a blow at smb's authority
    - strike a blow in self-defence
    - catch smb a blow on the nose
    - reel under crushing blows
    - feel a blow
    - retreat without striking a blow
    - stand a blow
    - exchange blows
    - soften a blow
    - resist a blow
    - return a blow
    - deal out blows
    - fetch a blow
    - answer blow by blow
    - return a blow with interest
    - die from a blow
    - drop smb with a blow
    - shower blows on smb
    - rain indiscriminate blows on smb
    - rain blows upon the door
    II [bləʊ] v
    (blew, blown) дуть, веять (о ветре)

    A strong wind was blowing. — Дул сильный ветер.

    The wind blew the dust in all directions. — Ветер наносил повсюду пыль.

    It is an ill wind that blows nobody good. — Не было бы счастья, да несчастье помогло. /Нет худа без добра

    - blow a pipe
    - blow a whistle
    - blow one's nose
    - blow at a candle
    - blow a match out
    - blow hard

    English-Russian combinatory dictionary > blow

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