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  • 1 syllable

    (a word or part of a word usually containing a vowel sound: `Cheese' has one syllable, `but-ter' two and `mar-ga-rine' three.) slabika
    * * *
    • slabika

    English-Czech dictionary > syllable

  • 2 accent

    1. ['æksənt] noun
    1) ((a mark used to show) the stress on a syllable: The accent is on the second syllable.) přízvuk
    2) (a mark used to show the pronunciation of a letter in certain languages: Put an accent on the e in début.) akcent
    3) (emphasis: The accent must be on hard work.) důraz
    4) (a special way of pronouncing words in a particular area etc: an American accent.) akcent, přízvuk
    2. [ək'sent] verb
    (to pronounce with stress or emphasis: The second syllable is accented.) zdůraznit
    * * *
    • způsob výslovnosti
    • přízvuk
    • přizvukovat
    • akcent

    English-Czech dictionary > accent

  • 3 stress

    [stres] 1. noun
    1) (the worry experienced by a person in particular circumstances, or the state of anxiety caused by this: the stresses of modern life; Her headaches may be caused by stress.) stres
    2) (force exerted by (parts of) bodies on each other: Bridge-designers have to know about stress.) zatížení
    3) (force or emphasis placed, in speaking, on particular syllables or words: In the word `widow' we put stress on the first syllable.) přízvuk, důraz
    2. verb
    (to emphasize (a syllable etc, or a fact etc): Should you stress the last syllable in `violin'?; He stressed the necessity of being punctual.) zdůraznit
    - lay/put stress on
    * * *
    • tlak
    • tíseň
    • vypětí
    • zatížení
    • zdůraznit
    • stres
    • důraz

    English-Czech dictionary > stress

  • 4 diphthong

    (two vowel sounds pronounced as one syllable: The vowel sound in `out' is a diphthong.) dvojhláska
    * * *
    • dvojhláska

    English-Czech dictionary > diphthong

  • 5 enunciate

    (to pronounce clearly and distinctly: He carefully enunciated each syllable of the word.) vyslovovat
    * * *
    • vyslovovat
    • formulovat

    English-Czech dictionary > enunciate

  • 6 prefix

    (a syllable or syllables put at the beginning of another word to change its meaning: dislike; unemployed; remake; ineffective.) předpona
    * * *
    • předpona
    • prefix

    English-Czech dictionary > prefix

  • 7 charades

    noun singular (a game in which each syllable of a word, and then the whole word, is acted and the audience has to guess the word.) šaráda

    English-Czech dictionary > charades

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