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с русского на эстонский


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  • þuhte — thught, þuȝt(e, þuhte obs. pa. tense and pple. of think v.1 and v.2 …   Useful english dictionary

  • úhte — f ( an/ an) twilight, dusk, early morning, dawn; nocturnes; on úhtean at daybreak; tó úhtees towards dawn …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • þúhte — past 3rd sing of þyncan …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • hire þuhte — it seemed to her …   The Old English to English

  • kënis'uhtë'tás — to burn your hand …   Mingo semantic fields

  • der-uhte — deruhte üstüne alma; yüklenme; üstlenme; sağlama …   Hukuk Sözlüğü

  • þyncan — þyncan1 irreg wv/t1b impers w.d. 3rd pres þyncð past þúhte ptp geþúht to appear, seem; to seem, fit; mé þyncð methinks; him þúhte it seemed good to him; tó rǽde þyncan to seem advisable …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • actin- — or actini or actino combining form Etymology: New Latin, ray, from Greek aktin , aktino , from aktin , aktis; perhaps akin to Old English ūhte morning twilight, Latin noct , nox night more at night 1. having a radiate form …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • Leprosy — For the Hebrew Bible term and its varied meanings, see Tzaraath. For other uses, see Leprosy (disambiguation). Leprosy Classification and external resources A 24 year old man infected with leprosy. ICD 10 …   Wikipedia

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  • Ernle — was the surname of an English gentry or landed family descended from the lords of the manor of Earnley in Sussex who derived their surname from the place where their estates lay. Origins OnomasticOnomasticians say that the surname s origin, in… …   Wikipedia


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